Why Should I Consider having my Eyebrows or Eyeliner Tattooed?

Advanced Permanent Cosmetics and PCE Studios want the public to know that we can provide you with the visual structure or “lift” that eyebrows and eyeliner do naturally, but with tattooing. Over time, thinning or over plucking eyebrows can leave the face washed out with the appearance of “sagging’ skin. Permanent eyeliner adds crisp, fresh definition to the eye, and enhances the shape and color of the eye. By tattooing a new set of permanent eyebrows or eyeliner, I am able to give my clients a fresh and lifted look.

Consultations are always free and include a color analysis and individual drawings (no templates!) that are unique to your skins undertone and face shape.
However, sometimes clients have other reasons or challenges to consider eyebrows and eyeliner. I can help with those too! Your reason to have your eyebrows tattooed may instead deal with one (or multiple) reasons listed below:

  • Alopecia/hair loss
  • Vision loss
  • Unsteady hand
  • Tired of doing it all my life!
  • Don’t have time

Regardless of the reason, I work with my client’s natural features. The natural beauty is there already, I help restore that beauty. The client gives the approval and has the final say in both the color and new eyebrow shape before any tattooing begins.