Non Laser Tattoo Removal

The nonlaser tattoo removal process is basically the same process as getting a tattoo, but without adding pigment. Instead of ink we use a salt and saline mixture that is filtered and manufactured specifically for these types of procedures. The salt mixture flushes and draws the microscopic pigment particles to the surface of the skin where a scab will form and will eventually exfoliate away.

Depending on the location of the tattoo, clients should expect 3-5 procedures before they see the desired results. Although the process may take several sessions, it is much safer for the skin and a more cost effective alternative than most laser removal treatments being used today. Clients can expect the tattoo to get much lighter, almost completely fading away, but a full removal of the tattoo cannot be guaranteed. For those clients that are interested in having the area of skin re-tattooed it will be safe to do so after completely healing.