Scar Camouflaging: What is it?

Scar Camouflaging is another advanced treatment performed by a properly trained tattooist to help repigment or blend scar tissue with pigment to match your natural complexion. Let me help you regain your confidence regarding skin discoloration or scarring. In just a few sessions I can help erase that feeling of insecurity when dealing with either hypopigmented scars to areola repigmentation. Scar camouflaging may be the answer you have been looking for.

Together we decide on the perfect color that matches your natural complexion by completing a color analysis of your unique skin undertone. Consultations are always free, spent with you, one on one, discussing the problem area and deciding together what the best plan is for you. Clients’ can expect more than one tattooing session to complete the proper color layering effect depending on the location and severity of the scar on the body. My goal is to mask and camouflage your trouble spot so you can get on with your life and focus on more important things during your busy day.